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Welcome to Metaphorics, LLC.

Our goal is to develop computational and informatics tools for the analysis and integration of biological and chemical information.

We have developed tools for handling genomic and biological information and have worked closely with Daylight CIS to utilize the Daylight toolkits to handle chemical information. With these tools we have developed computational programs (such as our flexible ligand docking program, DockIt). The latest addition to DockIt is the Magnet method.

We have recently released the Cabinet (Chemical And Biological Informatics NETwork) servers, which are built upon the Daylight HTTP toolkit. Cabinet servers provide the ability to easily navigate, using a web browser, through diverse chemical and biological information sources and to explore the relationships between them. Our current Cabinet servers include metabolic pathways, protein-ligand interactions, the World Drug Index from Derwent, Traditional Chinese Medicine (from Ashgate Publishing), a dictionary of Chinese Medicine (from Paradigm Publications) and various utility servers with other servers coming soon. For more details, see the news section. Or sign up online for access to our demonstration servers on the web.

Please contact us for further information on the use of our technologies and tools for your own research problems and development efforts. We are also happy to provide evaluation copies of our current products.


Magnet added to DockIt Suite
Metaphorics has implemented, in collaboration with Chiron, the Magnet method for analyzing and filtering docking results.

Commercial Release
of Cabinet servers. Free Trial available.

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